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What is Whiplash Injury?

whiplash injury
Apart from the medical term, a whiplash injury is something that is resulted in a car accident. The injury, normally, appears some days after the accident. So, sometimes medical experts advise patients to wait before applying for whiplash claims. There can be many reasons for a whiplash injury to occur in a road accident. A sudden acceleration of the neck and head can lead to whiplash. Even some sports and entertainment activities can become a reason for a prolonged whiplash. Let’s understand the term in detail. 

Understanding Whiplash

There are various concepts for whiplash wondering since the stone age. But what the term actually is, is the tricky one. Many concepts roll around that it’s cracking around the whip or flexing of the whip or neck resulted by the high-speed flicking of the head, which is a completely poor description of a whiplash. On the contrary, whiplash is the sudden cervical acceleration-deceleration injury that is commonly described by a professional trauma expert. Whiplash may also be considered as a sudden harsh movement of the head and neck which causes an injury that can be painful for a very long time. 

Common Reasons for Whiplash to Occur

Most commonly, whiplash is caused by car accidents. The rear-end collision of the car can normally cause the whiplash to occur. There are other reasons though like bungee jumping, water surfing, or other extreme sports. The head is the most sensitive part of the body which can be affected by any sudden movement. A person might be able to control the sudden body movement but it’s hard to control the neck in sudden impact as the neck is flexible and requires a strong force to control it. Thus, the whiplash can occur through simple car accidents as well and make you seek whiplash compensation for the financial coverage. 

Whiplash Occurrence

whiplash claims
As we know that whiplash commonly occurs in a car accident and more commonly in a rear-end collision, the moment it occurs can be common as well. Following the hit, the body reacts to the sudden movement as it propels the body forward but the seat belts restrain the body. On the other hand, the head becomes the victim of inertia by which it moves opposite of the body and when the body gets restrained back at the position, it moves the head forward which cause whiplash and lead the victim to go for a car accident injury claim

Symptoms of a Whiplash

The symptoms of whiplash may not occur right after the accident. It takes about 12-hours to days to occur. But when you apply for whiplash claims UK, you are required to show the exact details for your injuries so medical expert advice you to wait till the symptoms appear. Common symptoms include: 

  • Neck Stiffness
  • Pain in Neck
  • Tenderness
  • Headaches
  • Slight movements
  • Shoulder pain, anxiety, and depression.


Treatment of whiplash depends on the severity of the injury as it is also important for the injury claim UK as well. Your medical examiner can determine the best treatment over the condition of your whiplash.