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Recovery & Replacement

No matter how big your damage is, we will take care of the recovery of your car or bike. In the meantime, you will receive a perfectly working hired vehicle as a replacement for your personal use. You can keep it until your own vehicle doesn’t arrive. 

To successfully claim the compensation, you must provide some certain proofs of the accident which can be obtained from the scene of the incident.

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Things to Consider When Applying for Recovery

Keep the Evidence Information as much as Possible

We require an account of information to proceed with the procedure. As mentioned in our earlier services, you will be asked to collect as much information as you can. Some of the crucial informatory points are finding and contacting the witness, model or a number of the opposite vehicle, and pictures of the scene.  

We help you in every way possible to retain your vehicle in a perfect form. All we need is appropriate information and the evidence from the incident. Claims Specialists will evaluate claim compensation and process the application based on that material. 

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What To Expect For Vehicle Replacement?

  • According to the damage, get a temporary vehicle.
  • Expect a recovery paycheck if we fail to restore your car.
  • Receive full restoration of your vehicle.
  • Keep the replacement car under use until you receive your own back.

Key Benefits Of Replacement and Recovery

  • Don’t pay if your claim fails
  • Insurance covered workshop
  • Get your car inspected on the spot
  • Get a paycheck for recovery
  • Qualified assembling plant for the Vehicle
  • Use a replaced vehicle meanwhile
  • Receive full help from our experienced Solicitors
  • Fast and easy claiming procedure  

What is not covered?

Keep a Note On The Following

Your help is our priority. We offer complete protection services but there are some limitations by which you cannot avail the coverage if;

  • Your car is in 90% good condition
  • You turn out to be the culprit
  • Some wrong information turns in