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Accident Services

Road accidents are unfortunate and can occur with lots of reasons. But whatever the reasons are, you must show that the person you are claiming against has done the wrong. There are numerous reasons that can cause road accidents like negligence, weather conditions, recklessness, poor road maintenance, and many others. 

Our accidental services cover most of your damage by proper means. A seamless procedure for road traffic accident claims from which you can receive full compensation from the insurance partners. 

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First Thing- If You Face An Accident

Seek Medical Help and Collect the Evidence

The first thing to do when you encounter an accident is to seek medical help. The filthier the accident is, the more you need help. Your best chance is to save your strength and keep your conscious alive. So that you can remember the actual situation.

We are here to help but we can only be helping if there are enough evidence provided. If the accident is big, then you can collect all the evidential information from an officer who recorded the scene, or if the accident is not that serious, you should try acquiring all the details yourself like noting the number of the vehicle, taking some pictures of your injuries and the scene.

Who can apply for the claim?

  • Any person or family who desire to secure their property and life.
  • National citizens of United Kingdom
  • Anyone who doesn’t have any other insurance plan.
  • Anyone who live independently

Key Benefits of Accidental Service

  • No Win No Fee
  • Independent Solicitors
  • Free local medical examination
  • Maximum compensation for a road accident
  • Support from experienced staff
  • Deal with award winning agents
  • No need to be present for meetings
  • Acquire a replacement car

What is not covered?

Limitations that you have to follow

Though we offer our services to give you a convenient way of affording the loss but there are some limitations in our provided protections. You don’t get a coverage if:

  • If the loss is too low or doesn’t fit on the minimum amount of the claim.
  • If it turns out that you are the cause of the accident.
  • If there is a negative proof comes out.