Road Traffic Accidents

Road accidents are unfortunately common, and can happen for a variety of reasons, from driver error to unsafe road conditions. But whatever the reasons are, you must show that the accident was not your fault in order to claim compensation.

Our Road Traffic Accident claims services will help you to claim compensation, as well as covering expenses like time off work due to injuries. Our procedure for road traffic accident claims is easy to start – you just need to speak to a member of our team and work with them to get compensation from your insurance partners.

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The First Thing You Need to do If You Are involved in A Road Traffic Accident:

Seek Medical Help and Collect the Evidence

Obviously, your first priority in the aftermath of a Road Traffic Accident is to address any injuries on the affected parties. Try to keep your wits about you and be aware of less obvious injuries such as shock or hypothermia.

Our mission is to help all our clients win their cases, which requires evidence from the accident. For serious accidents, you should ask the police (or relevant authority) to help provide evidence for your case. For smaller accidents, you may be expected to gather details –like recording the licenses of all vehicles involved and taking pictures of your injuries and the scene yourself.


Who can apply for the claim?

  • UK citizens
  • Anyone without any other insurance plan.
  • Anyone who lives independently

Key Benefits of Our Road Traffic Accident Claims Service:

  • No Win No Fee payment schemes
  • Independent Solicitors
  • Free local medical examinations
  • Maximum compensation for Road Traffic Accidents
  • Support from experienced staff
  • Deal with award winning agents
  • No need to be present for meetings
  • Replacement vehicles provided

What is not covered?

Limitations that you have to keep in mind

Though we offer our services to anyone involved in a Road Traffic Accident, there are some limitations to our claims management services. For example, you are not covered if:

  • The financial loss is too low or doesn’t fit the minimum amount of the claim.
  • It turns out that you caused the accident.
  • If there is a lack of evidence or proof for your case.