Road Traffic Accident Injuries

Road Traffic Accident Injuries

World Health Organization’s statistical record shows that 1.35 million human hearts stop beating; not by fate but due to the fierce road traffic accidents. Those who strive to survive in these accidents are also not very less. In between 20 and 50 million people are those who either win their fight with accident injuries or live with certain lifetime injury/injuries.

Road Traffic Accident

Over speeding, driving while intoxicated, neglecting driving safety concerns, unfocused driving, worst road layouts, poor vehicle maintenance, etc. are some of the reasons which can endanger anybody’s life anytime. For those who have been injured faultlessly in a vehicle crash, have the right to claim for compensation and are highly recommended to read our blog Road Traffic Accident Claims before directly stepping toward filling out the form.

So, as the accidents are always inevitable, must make sure to never let any of the above-mentioned peril to be true! In this article, we are sharing with you the injuries which are most likely to happen in a road traffic accident.

whiplash injury

Head and Brain Injuries

These injuries include Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), internal damage, skull fracture, etc. Hitting with car roof, windshield, steering wheel, or side window are its common causes. Mild head injuries do not require as such a long-term treatment, they just necessitate rest, doctor’s prescribed painkillers, and a regular meetup with him/her. For a severe injury that can be indicated with a person’s unconsciousness for 6 hours or more; seek emergency medical negligence claim.

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Burn Injuries

Car accidents can also result in severe and sometimes even fatal burn injuries. These include exposure to heat, electricity, or poisonous chemicals in accidents; and they can be mild, moderate, or severe. The milder burns fall under the category of First-Degree Burns which target the upper layer of your skin; the moderate burns come under Second-Degree Burns which involve scorching and painful damage; and the third type of burns, those are the severe ones, are known as Third-Degree Burns which are mostly fatal.

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Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries refer to the injuries to your bodily muscles. A sudden hit, fall, or jerk are the common causes of soft tissue injuries. Where these injuries or damages can outbreak in severe pain or bruising; they can also result in a temporary or permanent functional loss. A 20-minute ice pack usage, rest, elevation, and compression are commonly used for treating soft tissue injuries. Regular physiotherapy can speed up the healing process.

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Neck and Back Injuries

The injuries include spinal cord damages and whiplash injury. Side collisions and rear hits are susceptible to cause neck and back injuries. Milder injuries can be treated with doctor’s prescribed pain killers but a severe one can even require surgery. The healing process of these injuries is quite slow and severe ones can even take several months.

These are the common injuries which can be caused in a road traffic accident. May you always stay safe and sound always but if a car accident crash happens to you, seek proper medical assistance and compensation claims. Claims Specialists is always there to serve you in accident claims management.

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