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Personal Injury Claims Protocol

personal injury claims
There is a reputational process of the protocol in case of a road traffic accident. This protocol is important to take before personal injury claims.

Notify Defendant as Early as Possible

Before proceeding for a claiming process, it’s important for the claimant or their legal personal injury solicitors to notify the defendant about the claim. There is a claiming detailed letter to be sent to the defendant but the notification should take place before the letter. It’s important to let your defendant know that you have intentions to claim for the injuries you encountered. Also, if you have started to calculate the cost of damage you are going to ask, then let the defendant know as soon as possible.

Detailed Claim Letter

After sending the notification, the claimant needs to send a detailed letter of claim to the other party. The packet should include an additional copy of the letter for the defendant’s issuer. The letter will include the following information.

  •         A complete summary of the claiming point and investigation.
  •         A detailed description of the injuries you are going to include in the claim.
  •         A description of the loss and damage you encountered resulted in the accident.
  •         Every little detail to let the defendant evaluate and assess the liability and compensation.

Investigation after the Acknowledgment

After receiving the claim letter and the response from the defendant, the claimant has to be patient for carrying out further investigation until the defendant issue a dispute. If there is no dispute by the defendant, there is no need for further investigation for injury claims. The defendant has three months of the time period to respond for liability dispute otherwise the claim will start proceeding and the defendant will also have to enclose the document related to the claim.

Expert’s Trials

According to the guidelines by the law, in case of personal injury claims process, the claimant will have to make sure to make all the experts, he/she met, a part of the procedure. If the claimant has been seeing a medical expert for the injuries, then it should be acknowledged by the defendant and they are allowed to contact the expert and investigate him through a legal notice.

Settlement of Issues

In case the defendant disagrees to the liability, the claimant has the right to keep all the medical evidence secret from the other party but if they agree on the liability, the claimant can disclose the medical documents and let the defendant know about it in detail. The claimant can take 21 days delay in the proceeding while settling the compensation for car accident specialist with the other party’s issuer.

In Case of Failure taking Protocol

personal injury claims process
Every process in an official proceeding is important and upon the violation, extreme consequences can be faced. For any personal injury accident claims, the protocol action is a compulsion. Otherwise, the court has the right to suspend the case of the claimant and issue orders for him to pay all the costs incurred during the investigation of the other party.