Other Injuries

Personal Injury Laws exist to protect people who suffer from any kind of injury or illness (including physical and psychological conditions) caused by someone else’s actions. You may have been injured at work, at home, out in the park, on the road or in a multitude of places, but you are protected all the same.

If your injury isn’t listed here, we can still provide advice and assistance for a wide variety of injuries and circumstances. If you’re not sure, just ask our experienced personal injury law team and they’ll be happy to hear your side of the story and offer help.

Regardless of the type of injury or illness you have suffered, if you believe that another person or organization is responsible, you should contact us to learn more and start your claim. Our expert team of personal injury solicitors will help you find out if you could be entitled to compensation for the pain, suffering and any losses caused by the incident.

If you’re uncertain about how to claim for your injury  contact the Claims Specialists by calling us on 01582 733 222 or contacting us online today.