No Win No Fee Claims

Accidents do not come up with injuries only! They also come up with a lot of medical expenses which you have to bear for proper rehabilitation. Although the government entitles accident victims with a right to claim for compensation, it is not that much easy.

If you have been badly injured in a road traffic accident or got a severe injury at work due to someone else’s negligence, and you do not have enough to pay for your medical treatment; our No Win No Fee Claim is going to help you a lot.

Injury Claims

Here’s how No Win No Fee generally works:

No Win No Fee, as the name suggests, is as simple as it sounds. For the injury you suffered, you will not have to pay solicitor fee if you do not win compensation!

No Win No Fee Injury Claims

Why with Claims Specialists?

Claims Specialists, with decades of experience, aim to make No Win No Fee Claims easier, smoother, and as much convenient as they can be. With Us, there remains no need to worry for upfront legal fees as well as for medical expenditures. Because with in-house expert solicitors, we also provide complimentary local physiotherapy service.

Valid Claims for No Win No Fee

You have entitled to No Win No Fee claim if:

You got Injury at Workplace

These injuries include slips, being stuck in a machine, fire/blast exposures, injury caused by faulty lifts, etc.

You Injured in a Vehicle Accident that was not Your Fault (Completely/Partially)

These include road traffic accidents.

You got Slipped, Tripped or were Fallen in Public Area

These refer to the accidents on footpaths, motorways, parking lots, play areas etc.

You Suffered from Medical Carelessness

These injuries are caused by health care deviation.

A Faulty Product Injured You

These are the damages caused by utilizing a faulty, defective, or damaged product.

No Win No Fee Claims

In many cases, people find it difficult to decide whether they should take lawful action for making a personal injury claim or not.

Read our blog: Things to Know Before Making a Personal Injury Claim to take a better decision in this regard.

What If I Lose the Case?

A common question asked by many people is whether I’ll win my case or not? Claims Specialists is loved by everyone because of our transparent policies which make our clients have blind trust in us. We are always honest toward our every client. For No Win No Fee Claim, we only suggest those customers use the service, whom we believe that they’ll not lose.

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