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Injury Claims

Injury Claims

Our approach to your Injury Claims

We have successfully recovered millions of pounds for our clients as a result of their injury compensation claims. When someone is involved in an accident, we understand that the changes can be completely drastic both financially and socially. So we provide no win no fee solicitors to assist our client. That’s why we step out to help you in such situations.

  • Compensation depends on the severity of the injury 
  • You can calculate the compensation by contacting us. 

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Types of Injuries that can be Claimed

Injury Claims

Work injuries

Accidents at work are not entitled to the severity and the nature of job. This includes working on a dangerous site, heavy lifting, road accident while going to work, or labor work. Various work injuries are related to accident injury claims that led you to file a claim against the employer for reimbursement. Claims Specialists plays a barrier role while helping you to recover maximum compensation for you. 

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Serious Injury

Serious injuries are usually the long-term impairments that can take over the life span. People often fell into traumas after such incidents and it affects every member of their family. These situations lead the victims to us for an honest consultation and injury compensation claim. Usually, the reimbursement for serious injuries is a lot higher than the others because of the life-long damage of the person. 

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Personal Injury

Accidents that require your personal attention and specifically related to your life are personal injuries. Claims Specialists have a team dealing with personal injury victims by providing them proper consultation and care. Personal injuries include assault, Slip and trip, Dog bite, Burns, and many others. Specific areas that are included in the claim are Bars, Nightclubs, Supermarkets, Shopping centers, and Restaurants.   

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Other Injury

Injuries that occur to different body parts like neck, shoulders, back, elbows, ankles, leg or hip are also eligible to accident claim compensations. Outcomes that are related to clinical negligence are often devastating and need proper care and attention. These type of unusual injuries can also be claimed.

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Our assistance is available to you 24×7.

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A feasible and comfortable system for everyone.

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  • M Boota

    The claim was handled very promptly and professionally, very pleased with the service received from the staff, especially from iqbal. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who is considering using this company..

  • Samina Khan

    Imran thanks for all your help you have been great! All staff have been professional and helpful from the onset. My claim was dealt with promptly the service provided is impeccable. Will definitely recommend putting your claim through claims specialist.

  • Damian Malinowski

    I’ve experienced a very high level of professionalism with Personal Claims Specialists. The customer service were very polite, they answered all my questions in regards to the claim. I strongly recommend this company for any other claimants.

  • Victoria Newman

    Very good customer service, polite and understandable, helpful – cooperating with solicitors who are keep in touch and ready to answer your questions – will recommend to my friends. Would like to say Thank you Ola 🙂 K. S.

  • Tom O’Mara

    Very helpfully, they listen to what you have to say and put you in the right direction. Very happy with the outcome. Thank you for your help.