Dog Bite and Attack Claims

Dog Bite and Attack Claims

UK people love dogs and as per on the basis of PFMA report 2018, it comprises 9 million dogs. There are various types of dog breeds in the United Kingdom and pretty much every family keeps dog pets. With this big extent, dog attacks are also common. While the reasons may variate between a coincidence and an intentional attack. Anyways, suffering a personal injury accident due to dog attack or bite is a quite terrifying experience. In this article, we are magnifying dog attack issues and consequent claims (in the situations) where legislation is involved.

Dog Bite

Dog Bite Law

Animal Act 1971 charges strict liability to the dog’s keepers for the actions of their dogs. A person is also even probable to hold the injury to someone caused by his/her dog whether or not he/she is guilty.

Dog Bite & Attack Claims

Who can be the Owner?

It is very important to know who is going to be considered as a negligent owner of the dog which attacked someone. In normal circumstances, the dog’s keeper will be responsible. However, if the owner of the pet dog is under sixteen, the head of the family will be responsible. Similarly, an owner who loses dog possession will still be considered as its owner until or unless another person does not own the dog.

Attack Claims

Three-Stage Test

The damage, dog was likely to do.

It involves the questions like “was the dog expected to bite or attack someone?”.

The damage caused by the particular characteristics of the dog.

It refers to the normal characteristics of the same species of dogs.

The damage caused by those characteristics known to the dog keeper.

It deals with the knowledge of the keeper who knows expected actions of his/her dog in specific conditions.

If any of the three stages goes right, the sufferer is entitled to claim!

Dog Attack Claims

Are You a Dog Bite/Attack Victim?

If you got suffered by a dog bite/attack due to the irresponsibility of the dog’s keeper, you have the right to claim for compensation. Many people consider it a bad idea to file a claim for compensation against the keeper who used to love dogs or they consider the incident an accident.

Know that if the dog has attacked you, it may also attack someone else. So, you must know that claim is compulsory. However, claim making is not as easy as expected unless you do not contact a solicitor who is field expert. Expert solicitors make claim compensation as smooth as possible. 

Bite and Attack Claims

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