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Compensation Claims for Car Accident

A car accident is an unfortunate incident to happen to anyone. We pray that it doesn’t happen to anyone. These incidents cause massive destructions and even loss of life. We as the best law firm in the UK are the solution to your problem. You can contact us on any misfortune occasion. We will help you recover your loss in the shape of compensation. Here is a detailed guide to a compensation claim for a car accident.

The thing to Do First

If you ever face an accident on the road caused by the mistake of another driver, you should contact your issuer or us to claim right away for your loss. But, before you do so, you must collect the crucial information including an eye witness from the location, information of the vehicle of the defendant like number plate and contact details, etc., receipts or the records of the cost upon your medical or any other expenses caused by the accident, medical checkup and the reports from the examiner, etc. Once you have all the information we need, you can contact and involve the police and contact your issuer.

car accident claims

Precautions to Take

When you have gotten into an accident, you need to be careful about the time you take to contact your issuer. There is a time limit for everything. For some cases, it is necessary to contact the issuer as soon as possible so that your evidence doesn’t get spoiled. There is a maximum three year of time to claim for general accident car insurance. Police should be notified right after the incident. Sometimes they collect the information you need as your evidence. Some injuries take some time to develop like neck or back injuries. These are called whiplash. You should see your medical examiner to gather the medical evidence of your whiplash injury.

Claiming Procedure

Car accident UK law firms that serve in recovering compensation claims have the authority to claim against anyone and if the defendant is untraceable then the firm asks from the MIB (Motorway Insurance Bureau) to compensate for the loss. You need to gather all the required information and then contact the solicitor. The process goes as follows.

    1. Contact the solicitor for the case and let them know exactly what happened. They will ask some related questions and evaluate the decision of either they can take the case or not. Once they take your case, you can meet them and let them know about the collected information you have.
    2. They will review all the information and evidence. This will help them to finalize that if the evidence is enough or there has to be more required. Accident management solutions firms always figure out the case on their own first.
    3. They will contact the defendants to let them know about the claim and ask for a settlement. If they agree to the settlement and accept the liability, then the case will end without any trials. If they don’t agree, the case will move to the trials.

As a result of the case being retired by the defendant, the court will evaluate the evidence and decide the outcome based on them. With our no win no fee solicitors, if you lose the case, we won’t charge any fee from you. But if you win the case, we will cut he decided amount from the reimbursement amount you will receive by your injury compensation claim.



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