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Accident Services

No one sets out to have an accident, but unfortunately when you do have an accident on the road, generally there are two different scenarios when it comes to liaising with the other driver(s) and collecting their details.

  • 1) If the police have been called or attended the scene, they will take the details of all parties involved and ensure that the necessary administrative procedures are followed.
  • 2) For more minor incidents, usually where there are no injuries to drivers or passengers, it will be up to you to collect the names, addresses, phone numbers and insurance details of all involved. Make sure you do this at the scene, and be sure to take the contact details of any witnesses too.


Accident Services

Car accidents can be fatal and extremely dangerous. If you ever face an accident that causes you hefty damage then you can claim for the compensation and treatment. To do so, you must acknowledge the details of the driver to claim your repair. You need to gather evidence for your claim to be approved. Collect everything including names, addresses, phone numbers, and other crucial details. Bringing a witness is a plus point.

Our eligibility criteria are slightly tough when it comes to finalizing for a compensation payment.

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Recovery & Replacement

If your claim gets approved, we will be responsible for your vehicle restoration and for the time being, will provide you with a temporary vehicle that will replace your needs of transport. Our team is highly co-operative towards the support and execution. Your recovery and replacement procedure will be processed in a tiny instant of time so that you may not face any inconvenience. Your vehicle will be picked from the place of the incident and after obtaining your address, a replaced vehicle, that can be hired or owned, will delivered to you.

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Vehicle Repair

For a proper recovery, we will escort your vehicle to a professional and insurance approved workshop while keeping you updated about the progress. For any reason, your car doesn’t get the refurbishment, then you can hold the temporary car until you get your reimbursement paycheck. We ensure to help our clients in every way possible by providing them full support from start to the end. Our experts will examine the vehicle on the spot and then they will transfer it to the best refurbishing plant of the city.

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Hiring a solicitor will help you manage the case and keep all the details confined to you. We will help arrange a solicitor for you and after the development of the case, we will manage the contact between your solicitor and the insurance company. Our highly-qualified solicitors make all their efforts to ensure the clients with the success under the suitable law rules. Hiring any of them will let you develop a high-profiled case leading to a 100% success rate. Claims Specialists is ought to deliver the best quality in any case.

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    I’ve experienced a very high level of professionalism with Personal Claims Specialists. The customer service were very polite, they answered all my questions in regards to the claim. I strongly recommend this company for any other claimants.

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    Very helpfully, they listen to what you have to say and put you in the right direction. Very happy with the outcome. Thank you for your help.