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Car Accident Claim – Determine Pain and sufferings!

Post a car accident, many people claim for compensation to cover the losses they faced. This is done by hiring personal injury solicitors who run the case until they recover the money from the insurance company. The companies calculate the settlement based on the loss including salary loss, medical bills, and pain & sufferings. Now the question is how this amount should be count? The answer is very simple. The companies use two different ways to calculate the settlement amount. The multiplier method and the per diem method. The most commonly used method is the multiplier method. Let’s figure them out in detail below. 

The Multiplier Method

The multiplier method is the common one that lawyers count compensation claims amount by multiplying the total amount by three. A total of medical bills, wage loss, and vehicle damage will be multiplied by three and the final amount will be given to the claimant. For example, if the medical bills are 10,000, wage loss is 2,000, and vehicle damage is 1,000, so the total of 13,000 multiplied by three will become 39,000. 

This method has been changed in recent years. The final amount for every claim can be a lot to issue. There has been a violation of laws that people committed which made the law firms to change some of the rules. Now the accident management solutions firms take the detailed survey on the seriousness of the injuries. For example, if the injury is something like broken of any limb, then the victim would surpass multiple surgeries resulting in extreme pain and suffering will get the claimant a maximum compensation. 

If the injury is serious, the total loss amount is multiplied by three or four but if the injury is not that serious, the amount will be multiplied by one or two. Taking the medical treatment period to an excess time will not lead to a higher compensation amount, because the law firms take an account of the medical history and details to calculate the suffering’s compensation. 

Daily Rate Method

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This method is not so common in injury compensation claims, but many law firms and insurance companies use this method. This includes a daily amount to be given to the claimant for a certain period of time. For example, if the claimant has faced a total loss of 10,000 and the time period he used to see the doctor is 4 months, then the claimant will be given 250 per day for 4 months having a total of 30,000. 

General accident car insurance policies also refer to this method because it gives them an easier way to calculate the amount and complete the amount in parts. If you have to choose your daily settlement price your personal injury claims, then you will have to prove to the judge for your injuries, pain, and suffering. If the car accident’s investigation proves you to be at fault then there will be a cut from your car accident claims compensation amount. The price can go quite lower if there is not enough evidence or there is a fault at your side for the accident. 

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